Fitness for skiing – fitting it into our everyday life.

We often don’t have time for keeping fit in our busy lifes.  However we have all had that moment on the first day when our legs are burning that we think to ourselves “I wish I’d made some time for exercise before our skiing holiday”! We often have great plans of big gym sessions 3 times a week or running regularly or even walking at the weekends, but sometimes these just don’t happen.

Even the smallest amounts of physical activity can help us to enjoy are skiing more so here are my  10 Tips for achieving this within your already busy lives.

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Top Tip No. 1  Take the stairs rather than the lift.

Even if you just take one flight of stairs to start with this will become habit and slowly you will take all the stairs!

Top Tip No. 2 Hit your 10000 steps every day – 

Getting a simple watch that tracks your steps for you is a great idea and can become a healthy family competition of who can achieve the most steps in a day.

Hiking – getting some exercise and fresh air!

Top Tip No. 3  Get off the bus or tube 1 stop early.

This can not only help with your fitness and health, but also put you in a great mood to start the day!

Top Tip No. 4  Park the far end of the car park.

This is a great way to get a few extra steps and you’ll have your trolly to get all your heavy groceries back to the car so no excuses!

Easier parking your car with less cars around as well – added bonus!

Top Tip No. 5  Enjoy Family walks at the weekends

We have some beautiful countryside and great way marked walks, go out and enjoy them!

Another fantastic Sunday activity is a circular walk with a pub lunch in the middle!

Having a dog (if your sure you have the time to look after him/her properly of course) is a great way to ensure you go out walking everyday! Izzy is my best Bud and we walk all the time together!

Izzy enjoying the first snow of the 2020/21 winter season!

Top Tip No. 6  Even doing your housework is active.

You will be amazed how many calories are burned whilst cleaning!

So keeping thinking of how the hoovering is helping you rip up the pistes and you might even smile your way through the chores!

I put so upbeat music on as well – Great sing along tunes help the time pass quickly!

Top Tip No. 7  Limit your screen time.

Not so much you can’t read your favourite TipTop blogs but just 5% reduction will make a difference on how much time you have for other things.

Set your phone to tell you your screen time – you will be shocked!

Top Tip No. 8  Grow some vegetables.

Gardening is a fantastic form of exercise.

Even if you don’t have a garden an allotment or pots on the balcony can be very rewarding.

Plus you have the bonus of eating your own home grown veg … once you have tasted these you’ll never turn back!

Amazing home grown Vegetables


Top Tip No. 9  Don’t be afraid of winter.

Invest in a good rain coat and use your ski thermals and get out there.

Exercise and fresh air not only helps us ski better but makes us feel generally better as well!

Top Tip No. 10  Engage a friend or family member.

Everything is easier with company!

Me and my 4 legged friend

So as you can see without having to take hours out of your busy schedule each day to do specific fitness classes you can keep fit by changing just a few of your daily habits.

Of course if you have time to run, walk, swim or go to the gym this is also very good. But if you don’t the above might just help you to keep in shape ready for your time in the snow!

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